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Globalization Examples: Global concepts in Local terms

Globalization Examples: Global concepts in Local terms

This article is in continuation with the previous article giving glocalization examples of various renowned companies.


Ford was the first brand to undergo internationally as Ford Motor Co. of Canada. There are worldwide operations for purchase of the activity and it is done after considering the source selection. The geographical location and cultural proximity can gain considerable results from this step.


Subway chain doesn’t have beef items in Indian stores and it is indeed the biggest example of glocalization.

Globalization Examples Global concepts in Local terms

Taco Bell

Taco Bell Menu in India has crunchy potatoes with spicy burritos and cottage cheese. These tastes are exclusively for the places having people interested in spicy food. click on given link to view more details :

Coca Cola

Coca Cola is famous all over the globe and takes brand ambassadors from the local craze. It has emerged well into economy and culture of almost every place in the world.


Heinz entered in India in the year 1994 and included the specialized Indian flavors in juices, snacks and condiments.

Dell Advertising in Japan and Asia Pacific regions

Dell didn’t choose the American Steven Jackson in its commercials in East Asian and Japanese countries. The American character was different from the cultural aspects of Japanese or East Asian people.

DisneyLand Glocalization in Hong Kong

Disneyland got successful in Hong Kong with reducing the local Chinese ideas and application of different decors and settings in the theme part in Hong Kong. The entry prices were also reduced to promote the sales and interest of people. click here for related information.

Lenovo LES Lite Stores

This initiative was taken for expanding the company’s criteria for 3-5 cities as smaller version. These aim at lowering the costs and breakeven points.

Gillette low cost razor

This was the initiative taken for the Indian market and the price was reduced. It has a good grip and fits every pocket.…

Globalization Examples: Global concepts in Local terms

Globalization Examples: Global concepts in Local terms

Global versus local approach is discussed over the years. There should be global prospective seen by the companies in local terms to grow and become successful.

Here are common examples of the companies listed, which have implemented local concepts into their businesses to get local recognition in global terms:


There are local favorites included according to taste, culture and preferences of people and it ultimately helps in supplying the best food items for different regions. There are novel items introduced in McDonald’s menu, which ultimately is liked by many people of that particular area. click here to read more about Globalization .

Globalization Examples Global concepts in Local terms


KFC has made plants for the UK by upgrading the restaurants with contemporary new designs. These are based on the look and feel of the particular area. It also introduces vegetarian meals for catering services to vegetarians in India. for further details about KFC :


The global expanding of Tesco in the US is named as ‘Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market’, which is different than the rest of the places in the world.


Hindustan Level Limited introduced the concept of shampoo sachets priced at a rupee for rural Indian customers. It was a great move followed by many companies worldwide.


Starbucks is trying to give a feel of a local coffee shop to its customers by getting into local designed franchise stores. It would give a different feel to customers and ultimately, proves out to be a great step.


There were special agitators introduced in washing machines for India. It helped females to wash long clothes without tangling issues. The products from Whirlpool are always based on the cultural impact of a place and the need of people. The crispy and brown food was the need of Europeans and Indians and special microwaves were introduced to make crispy food with advanced and additive feature in the equipment itself.…