Andrew Bick Protein House

Andrew Bick Protein House

Protein Rich Healthy Diet by Andy Bick

Protein is highly functional for the human body. Our muscles can regulate, repair and protect themselves by the action of protein on the body. It is indeed present in 45% of the body and is required for proper functioning of the body organisms. There are many functions of protein in the body and the most important is to repair the body tissues and building muscles. It gives energy to the body and majority of molecules and enzymes are protein.

Andy Bick has illustrated the value of protein to human beings by making people aware about its importance. Dieting doesn’t merely mean to miss out the meals and not consuming food, but eating healthy food is the biggest effort to remain fit. Protein is an essential source of energy and consuming the food items rich in protein can actually help in better functioning of body parts.

Your body processes can function efficiently if the nutrients are transported and muscles are repaired in an appropriate way. Protein can also keep your nails, hair and skin healthy. Protein house is headed by Andy Bick and he has wisely used his experience and expertise to make protein rich delicious recipes with the help of major chefs. Now, there is a way to eat healthy diet by eradicating harmful toxins and making protein diet a part of your daily eating habit.

Protein Rich Diet Works

Proteins are the building blocks of the body and it is responsible for many activities of human body. There are many activities, such as digestion, cell growth, repairing, building of skin and muscles; and much more requires involvement of protein in the body. Andy Bick is fitness and nutrition expert and he has given a lot of motivation and encouragement for the Americans to keep their body fit and free from unnecessary elements.

Each one of us requires proteins and you can know the exact amount you require according to your body structure, age and fitness level. The body can take down the ingested protein and breaks it to the amino acid components, which can be used for energy giving purposes. There is no need to consume the protein level than you actually require as anything excess is bad for the body. Protein is the need of every individual, but consuming it in appropriate amount is very important. Our body has to do different processes and undergo energy requiring activities. Muscle building is essential and your body can support it by having appropriate protein amount. It can help in building lean muscle and developing strength in your body.

Important Statistics

Americans have got increase in the awareness about impacts of obesity and there have been increase in the number of fresh and fast-casual restaurant concepts. The industry is growing rapidly and hence, young people are becoming aware of eating healthy food.

The US restaurant industry has revenue of about $230 billion, which is a huge number. The people aging between 16 & 35 prefer eating food from restaurants. There is high demand of the casual restaurants and factually, 56.7% of dining revenues are focusing on limited service restaurants (coffee, snack and fast food shops). Restaurant business has given a lot of jobs to the people and people are looking for the conceptual themes to eat good food.

The places like Protein House are meant to serve the people having nutritional and tasteful requirements. The food items are tasty and very healthy. This concept is attracting many people and people are getting franchise of this amazing food chain. There are different concepts designed by expert chefs and nutrition master Andy Bick.

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